Jewins women2women is a domestic violence Charity (Charity reg 1197027) registered in England and Wales Operating in Oxfordshire, and the whole of the United Kingdom including Scotland. The clients that we serve are located across the United Kingdom and Scotland including Oxfordshire where our headquarters is based. We plan to operate in USA and Africa and planning to have offices in London, Thames Valley region, Scotland, East and West Midlands.

We are Oxfordshire and UK’s first BAME Therapy centre for Asian, African-Caribbean women who have suffered domestic abuse. We offer free life coaching, therapy sessions to women of Ethnic Minority who has suffered trauma and abuse. We also support with advocacy services and cultural support.

We are always seeking volunteers, and we have various social enterprise activities to raise money including selling African food, African clothes, arts and crafts. We have just set up the First African product Charity shop at Templar square shopping mall Cowley Oxford selling African, European and Asian dresses, fabrics arts and crafts.

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